3 Ankle/Wrist Weights That Will Level Up Your Fitness Game

Ankle/wrist weights are powerful workout accessories and for good reason. It’s been known for quite some time now that resistance training works.

You can’t take 10 steps without arriving at a machine or a weight set designed to be used for resistance workouts. Examples of resistance training include using:

  • Free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc.)
  • Weight machines
  • Medicine balls
  • Your own body weight

Resistance bands are also a very popular choice for working up a sweat, as they can be adapted to most exercises and provide continuous resistance throughout a movement.

Continued resistance is key towards burning a lot of calories without having to do extra reps or sets of an exercise, which is why ankle/wrist weights are such an important part of resistance training.

Ankle/wrist weights are great for building leg muscle and slimming down. Even the lightest of ankle weights will have a significant impact on the results of your workout routine.

Exergaming and ankle/wrist weights go together ESPECIALLY well because exercise-based gaming often uses free-form movements and bodyweight resistance; the workouts are amplified from the use of these weights.

I’ve used ankle weights for Dance Dance Revolution and have gotten some pretty strong calves because of them; I’ve also noticed increased weight loss. This motivated me to try wrist weights as well in other workouts, to which I immediately noticed stronger muscles being built faster than ever.

Increased weight loss was, once again, noticed quickly.

This makes sense considering that the most effective way to burn fat is to build muscle! Even at rest, muscles burn more calories than fat! Ankle/wrist weights are also very safe, when used properly, and come with tons of health benefits.

There are, of course, plenty of weight sets that aren’t very useful or just aren’t right for you. It can be confusing with so many options available on the market, so I’ll narrow down the weights that I find to be the most effective for the best price.

Here are my top 3 ankle/wrist weights that should be used by people who are serious about losing weight and having fitness success!

*By the way, each displayed weight refers to the overall weight of the set. A 2 lb pair of ankle weights, for example, would be 1 lb on each ankle.

1. REEHUT Durable Ankle/Wrist Weights

There is a word that describes these weights well: efficient.

Reehut ankle/wrist weights have a nice and tight feel to them, allowing for exercise that ranges from mild to intense. It’s made out of specialized cotton that’s designed to eliminate chafing and skin irritation, as well as contains a material that absorbs moisture.

These weights are ideal for home workouts and are primarily used for lower body workouts. Reehut ankle/wrist weights target abdominal fat and tone body muscle when used for lower body exercise. Exergaming is optimized with Reehut ankle/wrist weights.

Velcro straps work well and do not fall off easily, though the weights can be removed by hand in seconds. The weighted parts are evenly distributed and aren’t bulky, making them easy to wear wherever you go.

You will definitely sweat with these weights, that sweat can accumulate where the weights are, though the absorbent material will help with that. Larger weight sizes are also bulkier, and the length of the straps are dependent on the weight of the weights.

That said, the length for even the lightest load should be more than sufficient for most people.

The price of the weights are dependent on the weights themselves; for example, lighter weights are cheaper than heavier weights. Most people only need 1-2 lb ankle/wrist weights.

The colors are also tied to the weight; you can’t get two different colors of the same weight.

These weights are not waterproof and should not be used for swimming.

The reason I like these weights so much is that they are easy on the skin. Too many weight loss accessories are cumbersome and obnoxious to wear. These, on the other hand, feel like I’m wearing weighted socks or wearing a heftier wristwatch.

The price range is good as well, starting at around $13 for the lightest weights (0.5 lb set for kids and young teens) and going up to around $30 for the heaviest (10 lb set)! It’s a really nice, competitive price when compared to other ankle weights on the market.

I also appreciate the 1-year warranty. It’s good to have reassurance just in case something goes wrong.

These weights are considered one of the best for a reason, and they definitely have my vote. Grab a pair here if you are interested in improving your exercise game!

2. BalanceFrom GoFit Ankle/Wrist Weights

These ankle/wrist weights don’t come with all the fancy features that other ankle/wrist weights may advertise. Instead, this pair of weights focuses on reliability and function at a better price.

These weights are made with soft fabric and contain absorbent material. They are well-suited for cross-training, walking, jogging, and exergaming! Velcro straps are purposefully oversized, allowing for greater flexibility when accounting for body size; they can fit on arms and legs too and are not limited to just ankles and wrists.

They also go above and beyond with a 2-year warranty. That’s how much confidence they have with their product.

Now, some things to note. These weights are a bit bulkier when compared to the average ankle weight pair, making it a bit harder to hide them under clothes. Additionally, velcro straps can have a tendency to irritate the skin under prolonged contact (1-2 hours).

These weights do not come in sets as light or as heavy as the Reehut brand; in exchange for this and some other cosmetic changes, the prices are slightly cheaper. Reinforced stitching ensures that the fabric of the weights lasts a long time, no matter the intensity of the workout.

These weights are also not waterproof and should not be used while swimming.

These weights are very good for exercises that are more intense, as their material is very strong and won’t tear quickly. They share many similarities with the Reehut weights but have slightly fewer customization options.

I recommend these for people who like tough weights and don’t mind the bulk that comes with it. Fewer customization options also mean a small lower price, though this shouldn’t be a bother to most people. 1-2 lbs, is again, more than enough for most people. Starter-friendly and comes with a nice 2-year warranty.

Get a pair here!

3. Kiefer 811400-10 Ankle/Wrist Weights

This brand of ankle/wrist weights focuses on delivering quality water-based exercise. They are slim and designed to survive intense aquatic workouts.

These weights do not use velcro straps; instead, they use a velcro buckle since straps wear out quickly in water. These are dual-nature ankle/wrist weights, meaning that they can be used on dry land as well.

They are soft and comfortable. Skin irritation is unlikely due to the nature of aquatic exercise; there are fewer movements that cause friction between the weights and bare skin.

As a bonus, they can be clipped together and fastened as a weight belt (usually for water polo). This allows for more intense abdominal exercises that would be hard to get without the weights.

The color can fade quickly with repeated exposure to chlorine, so they should be rinsed with well after every use. People with smaller wrists and ankles may also have difficulty with getting a tight fit, as the buckle doesn’t allow for as much tightening as a strap would.

The price for a 1 lb pair is also higher than with the other two brands, but this makes sense as these weights can be used as both dry land weights and underwater weights. They are basically two-weight pairs (three counting the weight belt) in one.

That’s a good deal, all things considered.

Exergaming isn’t a water-based activity, so the value of these weights are dependent on how often you go swimming. For those who aim to do pool exercises alongside exergaming, these weights would work best for you.

They are highly absorbent, so they are also a good choice for those who tend to sweat a lot during exercise. The price might seem off-putting, but don’t forget that these weights offer functionality that the other brands cannot match.

Dive into a pair here!

To Sum Things Up

These are the three ankle/wrist weight brands that I know are worth the most bang for your buck. Resistance training has come a long way, and exergaming is perfect for it; putting the two together will provide results that you won’t even notice until they smack you in the face.

You’ll be having too much fun to pay attention to the actual work that’s involved.

That’s the beauty of exergaming. These weights just help you reach your goals faster. Even outside of exergaming, proper use of ankle/wrist weights goes a long way no matter the workout!

*Note that ankle/wrist weights should not be used for every exercise session (3 times a week max is advised). For your safety, try them for 1 session and take observe how you feel the next day. Do not continue to use if you feel pain beyond soreness; that could be something else. Always consult your doctor if you are unsure/concerned about exercise.

When you are ready to tackle fitness with fun, grab your weights and go to town! I’m with you all the way!

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Author: Denver

I'm a seasoned DDR player looking to demonstrate the benefits of exer-gaming in regards to health, fitness, and fun.

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9 Replies to “The Nintendo Switch Review: Is it Good for Getting Fit?

  1. The Nintendo Switch looks like an interesting option for the home office crowd (me). I find that I am sitting way too often and need to get up stretch and move around.

    The Switch could be just the ticket! I could set an alarm for every hour. Get up out of my chair and play arms for 5-10 minutes and then return to work.

    As you mentioned, I’m not going to get a six pack from this, but it does get me moving when I normally would be stuck in my chair.

    I’m going to have to think about this! Thanks.

    1. The Nintendo Switch (and Nintendo Wii) are great for getting up and moving around. Helps fight against a sedentary lifestyle in a fun way. I definitely suggest trying it out; my switch works well for keeping me active when I’m not active exercising.

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad to help!

  2. Thank you for such an amazing review post. I have been going backwards and forwards when deciding to get a switch. I personally wouldn’t use it for the fitness side, however, my girlfriend would. From what I have read its a machine that may also suit younger gamers like my son. Do you know whether there will be any fitness titles coming out anytime soon?

    1. As far as I’m aware, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem to be getting fitness-specific titles anytime soon. Nintendo themselves seem to be moving away from fitness gaming in general, which is a bit of a shame. That said, the Switch is great for all ages of gamers regardless. 

      It’s great for breaking up long stretches of being sedentary though, due to the motion control nature of the console. A good supplement to standard exercising.

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. The Switch is a pretty great gaming device, and I’m sure Nintendo would benefit should it release fitness titles like it did for the Wii.

    But yes, regular exercise is still the best. Although the Switch can still make you build up a good sweat from all that physical movement, especially with the games you detailed in the article.

    1. I’m glad to to see that others share similar thoughts on the Switch. I love my Switch and personally can’t get enough of it, though I do wish that it was more fitness oriented like the Wii was. Ah well, can’t have it all!

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hey Denver,

    Thanks for the great review of the Nintendo Switch for exergaming. This actually seems like a great solution for me because I like to use exercise during my breaks mainly for movement and stress relief. This seems like it would be a truly great way to get my head out of my work and turn off my thoughts. I have seen people playing Arms on youtube for fun so if I were to give any of the games a try, it would be that one. Thanks again!

    1. No problem! I’m happy to help anyone interested in exergaming!

      Gaming in general is a great way to relax and get your mind off of things. I personally get myself lost in Dance Dance Revolution; that’s my favorite exergame!

      Thank you for your comment!

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