Daily Fitness Motivation – Things You Absolutely Need to Know!

Working out and getting in shape is hard for just about everyone. No one likes when everything is unfamiliar and muscles are hurting in places you didn’t even know existed!

It only makes sense that people would struggle with maintaining any sort of lasting motivation, let alone daily fitness motivation.

I’ve been there. When the going gets tough, I always make sure to remember WHY I’m getting in shape. Why I’m chasing my goals and what all of this work is doing for me. When you hold onto these powerful thoughts, nothing can keep you down! Daily fitness motivation is one of the best tools to help you overcome “workout fatigue”!

A lot of my fitness motivation was influenced by James Atkinson’s book:

Fitness & Exercise Motivation: Fitness Success Tips for Mindset Development and Personal Fitness Planner Creation

I highly suggest reading it for yourself if you are serious about not only never quitting working out again, but also never quitting anything over undertaking ever again. This man’s book stole away every excuse I could’ve possibly thought of, to my shock and surprise!

I’m super grateful now though!

Now, onward!

You are Giving Yourself a Better Life!

This is what helps me get through the really tough times, the times when quitting was in arms reach. Whenever that happens, I remember that working out and exercising are tools designed to make your life better.

Working out isn’t something that “just needs to be done”. It would be more accurate to say that working out is akin to knocking down a house and, from the rubble, rebuilding a mansion. Quitting would be like building that mansion to 40% completion and then just knocking it down again. What a waste of time, energy, and money!

But once that mansion is built, things change.

You notice that you have more energy, you become more vibrant and alive, you find that certain health problems that plagued you disappeared, and you have much more confidence in yourself.

That’s just to name a few!

You are also investing in your future. Healthy people live longer and have much fewer health issues. You can avoid pesky chronic back pain (with proper posture too), for example.

Being fit has many benefits, and it only requires that you be serious about working out on a consistent basis. The rewards should serve as an example of strong daily fitness motivation.

And by Extension, Making People Close to You Happy as Well!

When you give yourself a better life, you also tend to improve the lives of those around you who care about you. There are people who may have been concerned about your weight/health problems; that becomes a thing of the past with proper exercise!

Younger brothers, sisters, or kids might want to play with you but couldn’t before due to weight getting in the way. Now you are free to play with them as much (or little) as you want! It’s nice to be able to have a choice instead of dreading physical activity.

You’ll find that these people will be happy for you (and probably shower you with endless compliments for a while), which is a great boost to your self-esteem.

You don’t even have to be totally fit to experience this either, since these people also tend to root for you on the fitness journey too!

You are Shutting Down the Nay-Sayers!

Misery loves company, and some people want you to fail simply because your success would make them feel bad or become jealous. It’s a shameful, awful thing to do to someone…which makes it that much sweeter when you show your results to them!

When you achieve success, you prove to yourself that you have the power to accomplish your dreams. It’s an amazing feeling! People who don’t support you and your ambition will have to take a seat when they see you fit as a fiddle.

Remembering this nugget of daily fitness motivation always brightens my day at least!

You definitely earn bragging points as you get healthier and physically fit. Don’t let others stop you from grabbing your dreams and never letting go!

You are Stronger than You Think!

It’s true! You might not feel it at first (and probably not after an intense workout), but the mere fact that you are trying to make yourself a healthier person takes a lot of courage and strength. There’s a reason why so many people fail at becoming fit; it’s hard!

When you reach that point of quitting, you gotta remember that you are stronger than you think. With each and every workout session, you are getting stronger not only physically but mentally as well.

When you feel tired, stiff, and sore and choose to go another workout the next day instead of “doing something else”, you’ve just demonstrated you have a TON mental power!

Not everyone will have that kind of drive, so why would you want to give that up?

You are paving a path to a brighter future with nothing but your mind and your body. That’s strength if I’ve every seen it! I’ve definitely shared this sentiment with the fitness motivational book!

You are Saving Money! Lots of it!

Being overweight, unhealthy, and/or sedentary is quite expensive when you look at the numbers. It costs more to eat out all the time than it does to purchase groceries and make your own dinner. It can cost more to buy clothes that are larger (more fabric = more money).

Extra space on planes and buses? That’ll cost ya! Getting a soda and chips out of the vending machine instead of using the water fountain? Open that wallet! It’s the little things that can add up to be real money suckers at the end of the day.

That’s not even talking about health complications. Diabetes is a big one, but health complications from problems with organs is another one. When you are overweight, your body has to work much, much harder to do its everyday operations.

You get sick more often, which puts a strain on your wallet.

It also makes it difficult for medical professionals to even operate on you in the event something actually does happen!

Sounds like a lot of hassle, doesn’t it? It’s a good thing that getting in shape fixes just about every single one of these problems! You’ll be shocked and thrilled when you realize you are no longer are living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s a feeling I cherish and one that helps me get back to working out!

You’ve Already Put in So Much Work! Don’t Stop!

It gets hard for most people to continue exercising when you reach the 2-3 week mark. At this point, your body is hurting and you don’t really notice any positive changes. In addition, the craving to return to your old lifestyle is stronger than ever.

It can seem impossible to resist the urge to just “skip the day” or have a “cheat day”, which inevitably turns into you never going back to working out. Don’t fall for it again!

It takes an average of eight weeks to see any sort of actual physical changes, which can feel like a lifetime, I know! By the time you want to quit, you’ll only be about a 4th of the way there.

Of course, there are programs out there that promise to get you fit in 30 days, but those are often extremely challenging and actually have a LOWER rate of success because of it.

When you feel like you aren’t making any progress, just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! You are building your body from the ground up with strong foundations.

Becoming fit is a lifestyle change, one that takes time to adjust to but is so worth the work. So for this bit of daily fitness motivation…

Do you really want to start again in the future and go through the hardest part of getting fit again? No, of course not! So don’t stop! Your body is starting to transform into what YOU want it to be!

Let it happen!

You are Amazing!

Getting into shape isn’t the easiest thing to do. Just ask the millions of people out there who are still overweight today. It takes strength beyond what you can lift with your arms or legs. It takes heart, as cheesy as that may sound!

Never forget the most important piece of daily fitness motivation!

You are worth it to yourself!

The time, energy, and commitment that you have dedicated to yourself shouldn’t be underestimated. You deserve the benefits that you are working towards. As an amazingly awesome person looking to become healthier, you deserve to reach your goals.

So don’t cheat yourself! Don’t sabotage yourself! You are worth every bit of effort that you put into yourself. The results will astound you, I promise!

You’ll feel better, be happier, and experience confidence the likes that you never knew you could!

But maybe you still hear that voice in the back of your head going “That’s all true, buuuuuuttt…”. Again, don’t listen! I want you to succeed just as much as you do, probably even more!

If you are still struggling to find that motivation, I really suggest checking out that book below:

I came up with just about every excuse in the book, yet even I found myself keeping up with workouts once I read this. He really nails down the most common reasons why people quit and how to change your habits forever.

I highly recommend checking him out. He knows his stuff!

Thanks for reading! Have you struggled with reaching your fitness goals? Or do you use your own motivation strategies? I’d love to know!

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As always…

Stay Fresh!




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  • Olly Severn (#)
    August 2nd, 2018

    This is a great article! I haven’t seen many articles on this subject and I love the manner in which you have addressed it! You are a very motivating person and I really do enjoy reading your articles! I love exercise for many of the reasons you have mentioned and also for myself! Keep up the good work.

    • Denver (#)
      August 3rd, 2018

      I’m glad you enjoy my content! 

      A fair amount of people think that “hyping yourself up” isn’t a very effective way to develop mental discipline. I’ve also heard “no pain, no gain”, which is highly misinterpreted. You don’t need to suffer and hurt yourself to get fit. No wonder people want to quit.

      These nuggets of motivation are sometimes all you need. Everyone has a reason why they are getting into shape; as long as we hold onto that reason with all of our might, we can’t go wrong!

      Thanks for your comment! Hope to see you post again soon!

  • Jim (#)
    August 6th, 2018

    I picked up a gym membership about 2 months ago and try to go 2 to 3 times a week. The problem is that I work a 12 swing shift. So trying to get up at 3 am is difficult, but after a 12 hour shift, I defiantly don’t want to go after work.

    I do feel a lot better when I go. This helps motivate me, but when I don’t go for a few days, its easy to fall back into old habits. Having someone else to work out with would be great, but where do you find another crazy person to meet you at 3 am?

    I have a list of reason why I go to the gym and want to be healthier. This does help motivate me, but doesn’t make the soreness go away any quicker.

  • Angelina (#)
    August 8th, 2018

    Thanks for the encouragement and motivation. I always make an effort to set aside a few minutes out of everyday to really get to take care of myself and have some alone time. As busy people, we let our struggles and our worries get in the way of our lives. We get out what we put into it. I pledged to eat healthier and stay fit. I want to honor myself and my body as a whole. No better way to do this than to get up!

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