How to Add Songs to Stepmania


So, you’ve got Stepmania! Now that we have our dancing program, we need to add songs to Stepmania.

Unfortunately, Stepmania does not come with much right off the bat, and it certainly needs more material for us to enjoy. Luckily, the process to add songs to Stepmania is simple once you get the hang out it. You’ll be able to add whatever songs you find on the Internet as long as they are already a simfile (more on that later).

If you don’t have Stepmania yet, you can find out how to get it here.

*Note – To complete this tutorial, you will need a program that can extract files from compressed folders. If you do not have one, I recommend 7ZIP as it is free and very easy to use. It’s also what I use in this tutorial.

Adding Songs to Stepmania – Text & Pictures Format

First let me define what exactly a “simfile” is. A simfile is essentially a bunch of files that the Stepmania program uses to display songs within the game itself.

Step 1: Using a search engine, type in “simfiles” or “download simfiles”. A website titled “Simfiles – ZIv –” should appear in the first and/or second result. Click on it.

Step 2: You will be on a page that says “Welcome to the DDR & DS Simfiles Section”. Right below the menu to the right is a link that says “View Simfiles”. Click on it.

Step 3: You will be on a page called “Platform”. This is basically an archive of all that different DDR songs that have been released over time. For this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on DDR Extreme 2.

Click on “Select Simfile Category”. A populated list should appear. Scroll down to “Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME2 (PS2) (North America)” and click on it. It will automatically load the next page when clicked on.

Step 4: You will come to the DDR Extreme 2 page. On this tutorial, we’ll be choosing “Oops!…I Did it Again”.

Find “Oops!…I Did it Again” on the left side of the list and click on the name of the song itself, highlighted in blue as a link.

Step 5: You will come to the page of the simfile itself and be presented with a bunch of information. Find the ZIP link located to the second column under “Simfile File Download” and click on it. This will start a download of the ZIP file.

Save it to a location that suits you. I personally choose to save to the desktop for this tutorial.


Step 6: Open up the compressed folder. Extract the entire “Oops!…I Did it Again” folder and when prompted to choose a location, find the “Song” folder under the “Stepmania” folder.

Step 7: Create and name a new folder within the Song folder.

Step 8: Extract the “Oops!…I Did it Again” folder into the newly created folder.

It should look like:

“Games->Stepmania 5->Songs->Newly Created Folder”.

And that’s it! You’ve downloaded your simfile that’s ready to be played immediately. Booting up Stepmania now should have “Oops!…I Did it Again” as a playable song under the newly created folder’s name. Try it out yourself and see if it all worked out for you.

*And if you want to know how to add your OWN songs, don’t worry. That will be addressed in a post coming soon.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. Let me know what you guys and gals think in the comments. If you have any questions or need help with any of these steps, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. I’m here for you all.

As always, Happy Dancing!


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Author: Denver

I'm a seasoned DDR player looking to demonstrate the benefits of exer-gaming in regards to health, fitness, and fun.

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9 Replies to “The Nintendo Switch Review: Is it Good for Getting Fit?

  1. The Nintendo Switch looks like an interesting option for the home office crowd (me). I find that I am sitting way too often and need to get up stretch and move around.

    The Switch could be just the ticket! I could set an alarm for every hour. Get up out of my chair and play arms for 5-10 minutes and then return to work.

    As you mentioned, I’m not going to get a six pack from this, but it does get me moving when I normally would be stuck in my chair.

    I’m going to have to think about this! Thanks.

    1. The Nintendo Switch (and Nintendo Wii) are great for getting up and moving around. Helps fight against a sedentary lifestyle in a fun way. I definitely suggest trying it out; my switch works well for keeping me active when I’m not active exercising.

      Thanks for your comment! I’m glad to help!

  2. Thank you for such an amazing review post. I have been going backwards and forwards when deciding to get a switch. I personally wouldn’t use it for the fitness side, however, my girlfriend would. From what I have read its a machine that may also suit younger gamers like my son. Do you know whether there will be any fitness titles coming out anytime soon?

    1. As far as I’m aware, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem to be getting fitness-specific titles anytime soon. Nintendo themselves seem to be moving away from fitness gaming in general, which is a bit of a shame. That said, the Switch is great for all ages of gamers regardless. 

      It’s great for breaking up long stretches of being sedentary though, due to the motion control nature of the console. A good supplement to standard exercising.

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. The Switch is a pretty great gaming device, and I’m sure Nintendo would benefit should it release fitness titles like it did for the Wii.

    But yes, regular exercise is still the best. Although the Switch can still make you build up a good sweat from all that physical movement, especially with the games you detailed in the article.

    1. I’m glad to to see that others share similar thoughts on the Switch. I love my Switch and personally can’t get enough of it, though I do wish that it was more fitness oriented like the Wii was. Ah well, can’t have it all!

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hey Denver,

    Thanks for the great review of the Nintendo Switch for exergaming. This actually seems like a great solution for me because I like to use exercise during my breaks mainly for movement and stress relief. This seems like it would be a truly great way to get my head out of my work and turn off my thoughts. I have seen people playing Arms on youtube for fun so if I were to give any of the games a try, it would be that one. Thanks again!

    1. No problem! I’m happy to help anyone interested in exergaming!

      Gaming in general is a great way to relax and get your mind off of things. I personally get myself lost in Dance Dance Revolution; that’s my favorite exergame!

      Thank you for your comment!

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